Emergency Nursing

What isEmergencyNursing ? Emergency nursing is a profession in which nurses are dealing with a patient who is suffering from emergency stages . And patient those who fight their life with death and Deal with the patient suffering from trauma, heart stroke drug intoxication, and person who is suffering from major accidents. Types of Emergency Nursing: Trauma Nurse: Trauma Nurse work in trauma centre they deal with the patient those who suffering from Trauma. They usually have 2 years of experience . ,: They are also known as registered nurse their role is to speaking with patient over the phone and providing them advice. Annual salary for a registered telephone triage nurse is $70,302, as of June 2017, but salaries can range between $64,149 and $79,505 per year. Paediatric ED Nurse: They are also known as paediatric emergency room nurses .they deal with the children suffering frominjuries . They provide medical care to them .pediatric emergency nursing it definitely takes a unique part of pro…